Technical Support Services

We offer consultation for the best practice of managing technology within your organization.

The following are a few of the services we provide:

  • Software Installation.
  • New software purchases and upgrades.
  • Operating system upgrades.
  • Hardware Installation.
  • Replace hard drives, upgrade RAM, power supplies, peripherals, etc.
  • Virus removal and Data restoration services.
  • We will help with quarantine and removal of the infected objects. Additionally, we will help you restore the computer to its original state before it was infected (in most cases).
  • Network Setup: We offer setup of both LAN and WLAN (commonly referred to as WIFI) networks. Home and office installations. If you have a unique setup, we can accommodate.
  • Desktop/PC and laptop support. Additional work performed, but not limited to E-Discovery, metadata retrieval, database management and consultation on best practices.

We offer 20% discount to all nonprofit organizations.

One Response to Technical Support Services

  1. Spradlike says:

    There are numerous articles on making use of social media to help spread the word about a nonprofit organization, but what about the hardware and software facilitating this communication? At the heart of this communication lie the bits and bytes of information processed by the machine – where does a nonprofit turn if the hardware is in need of repair and/or updating? Which conference do you attend to hire a network administrator to visit and setup a file share and allow workstations to connect? What about setting up a (secure) wireless network for your organization?

    As I read information online, I see many offers for conferences to “spread the word” via social media, but none are mentioning the tasks of “IT” up keep – desktops that will not connect, printers that won’t print, and internet connections not “connecting”. There should be more emphasis on these tasks. A nonprofit will use the majority of it’s revenue for office space and staff, with little leftover for an IT budget.

    So, where do they turn?

    If you are interested in joining a network of nonprofit technology professionals in San Antonio, Texas, please respond to this post. We simply communicate with the nonprofit organization and help them resolve whatever technology issue they have, possibly even training a staff member on the technology in question.

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