Windows 7 Startup Repair Disc

The bad news is that this is not readily available in most cases, as the operating system is pre-installed, and (in most cases) the operating system disc is not included when you purchase a desktop/PC. What this means is that you need to create a “Startup Repair” for future needs. No worries, as this is fairly simple.

Go to the Start menu and type in a search for “create”.

Search for Create Startup Repair disc in Windows 7

This will yield the “Create a system repair disc”. (Enter an administrator password if one is needed to start the program). Insert a blank DVD disc into the drive and follow the instructions on the screen. (For those with netbooks and need USB support, that is another post).

Windows will create the Startup Repair disc for you and prompt when completed. Keep this disc in a safe place for future needs. You will thank yourself.

If you need to download a copy of the Startup Repair disc, go here:



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