Social media to spread your cause, but what about the hardware and software?

There are numerous articles on making use of social media to help spread the word about a nonprofit organization, but what about the hardware and software facilitating this communication? At the heart of this communication lie the bits and bytes of information processed by the machine – where does a nonprofit turn if the hardware is in need of repair and/or updating? Which conference do you attend to hire a network administrator to visit and setup a file share and allow workstations to connect? What about setting up a (secure) wireless network for your organization?

As I read information online, I see many offers for conferences to “spread the word” via social media, but none are mentioning the tasks of “IT” up keep – desktops that will not connect, printers that won’t print, and internet connections not “connecting”. There should be more emphasis on these tasks. If a nonprofit uses the majority of it’s funding for office space and staff, with little leftover for an IT budget –¬†where do they turn?

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